Programs & Services

Uniquely designed

Promoting Balance & Well-Being

Our programs and services are uniquely designed to culturally, linguistically and developmentally meet the needs of all individuals that walk through our doors. They include Outpatient Counseling, Real Talk, Urban Youth B.O.L.T., KidSquad, Family Engagement & Resource Connection, GrandFriends Mentoring Program and Holistic Family Support Services (HFSS).

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Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient Counseling provides clinical services to address mental health illness and substance abuse issues for individuals, families and couples of all ages. Mental health and substance abuse assessments are designed to provide a diagnosis, treatment plan and intervention services based on criteria established by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM).

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Real Talk

Real Talk is designed to work with middle school students to encourage social and emotional competence. Our facilitators use culturally and developmentally appropriate techniques to engage the students in discussing real world issues and to provide strategies for problem solving, goal setting, healthy relationships and more.

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Urban Youth B.O.L.T. (Building our leaders today)

Urban Youth B.O.L.T. is a culturally-based intervention, leadership program for at-risk African-American males and females ages 10-17 years-old. The program uses gender specific, developmentally appropriate activities and discussions applying the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa and an 8th principle, Respect. The programs goal is to increase cultural awareness, critical thinking, and decision making skills.

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KidSquad is a collaborative effort between several agencies to provide child care staff with the tools to encourage social and emotional competence in children with challenging behaviors. KidSquad recognizes the impact the first five years of a child’s life can have on overall development and lifelong experiences of success.

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Family Engagement & Resource Connection

Family Engagement & Resource Connections is an education group designed to provide parents with evidence-based techniques to enhance nurturing and parent engagement within all levels of parenting. Parents participate in individual or small-group activities as they increase their children’s positive behaviors. Professionals connect families to resources for support.

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GrandFriends Mentoring Program

Grandfriends is a mentoring program for African-American young adults ages 19-30yrs. These young people are matched to a “seasoned” adult to assist them with life’s transitions. Mentors make one-year commitments to help young people achieve their goals, problem solve and provide a listening ear.

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Holistic Family Support Services (HFSS)

HFSS provides face to face or virtual coaching, help, teaching and role modeling, assists the family in creative, rapid and sustainable change in the family unit through supervised and monitored visits between parents and their children that are acceptable in length to promote parent – child attachment.

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Outreach & Education

The goal of outreach and education is to reduce stigma and increase utilization of behavioral health services. We offer opportunities designed to assist individuals identify potential behavioral health concerns and address them before they worsen.