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Our services and programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our community and are culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate. Our professional staff provides a comprehensive set of education and prevention programs with the goal towards early intervention. These programs are designed to assist individuals with suspected behavioral health problems, build life-skills, to improve problem-solving, and to enhance the overall well-being of individuals. The educational programs address areas such as, anger management, drug and alcohol prevention, and suicide prevention. These prevention and educational programs are offered for youth and adults.

Outpatient Counseling
iStock_000011120507XSmallOutpatient counseling provides clinical services to address mental illness and substance abuse issues for individuals, families and couples of all ages. Our confidential appointments are offered by a diverse group of licensed professional mental health and substance abuse counselors, who are highly experienced and effective with a myriad of issues and situations.

Mental health problems may include depression, bipolar disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity dis-order, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia & conduct disorder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) criteria is used for diagnostic assessment.

Our counseling services may be in-office or home-based.

Early Intervention programs may include activities that improve development and maintenance of self-care and community-living skills, social and emotional skills training, stress management, anger management, and basic mental health strategies. Early intervention can help children, youth, and parents to improve the quality of their lives and can prevent problems from becoming worse.

Programs for youth and adults are designed to improve life-skills and to enhance the individual as a whole person.

REAL TALK (Middle Schools)
dreamstime_xxl_54982655REAL TALK is designed to work with middle school students to encourage social and emotional competence. The facilitators use culturally and developmentally appropriate techniques to engage the students in discussing real world issues and to provide strategies for problem solving, developing healthy relationships, goal setting,  recognizing and managing emotions, improving communication skills and preventing drug and alcohol abuse.



Urban Youth B.O.L.T.
B.O.L.T. is a program where African-American youth are referred by parents and community partners to participate in a culturally- based program. This 10-week program uses the seven principles of Kwanzaa to challenge youth to adopt behaviors and strategies for success.




small-large-daycare-thumbnail-2016KidSquad is a collaborative effort between several agencies to provide child care staff with the tools to encourage social and emotional competence in children with challenging behaviors. KidSquad recognizes the impact the first five years of a child’s life can have an overall development and  lifelong experience of success.




Parenting With a Purpose
iStock_000016693191XSmallParenting with a Purpose is an education group designed to provide parents with evidence-based techniques to enhance parent engagement and skills for all levels of parenting. Parents participate in small-group workshops as they develop strategies to increase their a children’s positive behaviors.




Community Outreach
We offer programs and services designed to help identify individuals with potential behavioral health problems and to address these issues before they worsen. We offer free behavioral health screening to determine risk for depression, bi-polar, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and alcohol abuse.

We also provide educational programs and materials to raise community awareness and provide accurate information about behavioral health issues and to help remove the stigma associated with receiving behavioral health services.