Our Values

WE BELIEVE...In the potential of each individual's growth, self-dignity, joy, peace and the capacity for hope; and in the value of our diverse community to the betterment of all.

To that end, we provide education, prevention, and counseling services that emphasize the holism (complete health) innate to each person.

Our Values

1. Integrity - Adhering to a standard that demonstrates value of individuals, family, and community ...doing what's right even when no one is looking.

"It'salways the right time to do the right thing" ~ Rev. M.L.King, Jr.

2. Empowerment - We believe in engaging clients to realize their commitment to personal growth and well-being in identifying and utilizing effective resources to reach their goals.

3. Professionalism - Respecting and adhering to the highest standards guiding our profession of counseling and helping people.

4. Mutual Respect - Our regard and recognition of the absolute dignity of every individual. It's demonstrated through our passion for personal growth, honest communication, and awareness of our choices upon others.

5. Holistic Well-Being- CHD embraces the "SPECIAL" in YOU! We define S.P.E.C.l.A.L. as the following areas of well being: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Economic, Cultural, Intellectual, Associations (social), and Love for self and others.

6. Honoring Personal Potential -We recognize, value, and nurture the "Special" in each individual.

7. Community Commitment - Recognizing the interconnectedness of all persons in our community, we are committed to the improvement of personal, family, and community life through prevention, education, outreach, advocacy, and collaboration.