Welcome to The Center for Holistic Development

"Serving a diverse community by providing holistic behavioral healthcare services and education programs to individuals, families and groups."

We believe....in the potential of each individual for growth, self-dignity, joy, peace and the capacity for hope and in the value of our diverse community to the betterment of all. To that end, we provide education, prevention, community outreach and professional counseling services that emphasize the holism innate to each person.


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Our Advantages

  • 1.Our Experience
    For over 15 years, Center for Holistic Development, Inc. (CHD) has championed the cause of behavioral health through its many prevention, education, and intervention services and programs targeted to a population that is often overlooked by traditional services.
  • 2.Our Approach
    CHD, through its holistic approach and culturally competent care, embraces a philosophy that recognizes the innate value in every human to become contributing members of the community.
  • 3.Our Mission
    Our agency stands ready and able to provide behavioral health services and responds with a vision that addresses the needs of the resident of Greater Omaha to achieve effective treatment, focused on recovery and sustainability.
  • 4.Our Values
    Our philosophy is that behavioral health is essential to total health. Our commitment to those who invest in us is to invest in the community. We believe that as we change the mind, we change the life, and as we change a life, we change the community.

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