“Serving a diverse community by providing holistic behavioral healthcare services
and education programs to individuals, families and groups since 2001.”

Our goal is to help individuals relieve emotional and psychological pain, make behavioral changes that facilitate growth, increase self-awareness and self-knowledge, which lead to healthy living.

Mental health is how a person thinks, feels, and acts when faced with life’s situations. It impacts how people look at themselves, their lives, and the other people in their lives; evaluate their challenges and problems; and explore choices. Mental health affects one’s thoughts, body, feelings, and behavior.

Mental health problems are real and challenges are not necessarily just a passing phase. They can be severe, seriously interfere with a person's life, and even cause a person to become disabled.

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Our services

Our services and programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our community and are culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate.

Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient counseling provides clinical services to address mental illness and substance abuse issues for individuals of all ages, families and couples.


REAL TALK is designed to work with middle students to encourage social and emotional competence.

Urban Youth B.O.L.T.

B.O.L.T. is a program where African-American youth are referred by parents and community partners to participate in a culturally- based program designed to promote positive behaviors.

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The Center for Holistic Development is a 501(c)(3) non-profit orginization. We rely on your generous contributions to help others.

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